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The Wisdom That Comes With Age

At the start of a new year, it is always nice to reflect on life and the lessons it has taught you.  Since my birthday occurs at the beginning of the year, it makes this yearly stock-taking seem all the … Continue reading

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The Adventure Continues

This past weekend we hosted two of our dearest friends as they stopped to spend the night on their move down to Florida from Connecticut. We have known J.and A. since college. They both grew up in Connecticut and lived … Continue reading

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How Do You Know?

A couple of days ago I was loading groceries into my car when I was approached by a large and intimidating looking man who mumbled something to me.  He was rather gruff and did not speak distinctly, so I didn’t … Continue reading

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Winter

Snow doesn’t often come to Virginia Beach, but I was able to capture one snowy scene from my bedroom window last year: Boston, however, never seems to run short on the fluffy white stuff:

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Modernizing Mom

One of our sons gave us a French press coffee maker for Christmas last week.  It was a very thoughtful gift, especially since we’ve enjoyed many great cups of coffee made in our sons’ French presses when we visit them … Continue reading

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What We Do For Love

If you follow my blog, you know that my daughter-in-law asked me to bring a loaf of my homemade challah for Christmas, but here’s the rest of the story: Challah tastes best if you eat it the same day you … Continue reading

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Why I Make New Year Resolutions

A few days ago I was talking to a woman about New Year resolutions, and she said she doesn’t make them anymore.  “I never keep them anyway, so why make them and be disappointed?” she said.  I never keep mine … Continue reading

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