Weekly Photo Challenge: Today

In order to participate in this week’s photo challenge, we had to post only pictures we took on the day of our post.  We couldn’t cheat and go into our archives.  Last night I bought a new camera with a 42X zoom lens.  This morning I took that camera down to the Chesapeake Bay and photographed some Navy ships that were headed into Norfolk and a couple of tall ships that were anchored near First Landing State Park.  The ship movement is all part of OpSail 2012, a gathering of naval vessels and tall ships from all over the world.  Tomorrow I hope to go back to the Chesapeake and take more pictures when the rest of the tall ships should arrive.  Here are a few pictures from this morning.

This first one is without using the zoom.  You obviously can’t see much.

Two of the tall ships. No zoom.

Here are the same tall ships using my amazing new zoom lens.

This was the little ship on the left.

I couldn’t quite use the full zoom or I wouldn’t have been able to get the entire ship in the frame. Notice you can see the people on the boat.

Here are some of the Navy ships that were crossing the Chesapeake Bay Bridge and Tunnel.

You can see the bridge behind the ship.

About Coming East

I am a writer, wife, mother, and grandmother who thinks you're never too old until you're dead. My inspiration is Grandma Moses who became a successful artist in her late 70's. If I don't do something pretty soon, though, I'll have to find someone older for inspiration.
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33 Responses to Weekly Photo Challenge: Today

  1. Amy says:

    Great shots of the Navy ships! Enjoy your new toy!

  2. Margie says:

    Congratulations on your new toy. What a pair we would make if we went on a photo shoot together – you would bring the distant stuff closer, and I would bring the close stuff – even closer – with my macro!

  3. Huffygirl says:

    Wow Susan, your very own version of Battleship. Great photos.

  4. E.C. says:

    Wow! I am pea-green with envy. Not only do you have a cool new camera, but to live close enough to the ocean to go and see these majestic ships is like a little slice of heaven on earth. Sweet! 🙂

  5. pattisj says:

    That’s amazing, Susan. I can’t wait to see more from your new zoom!

  6. A fun and exciting post filled with adventures. Beautiful images.

  7. dorannrule says:

    Ooooooh! Now I want one of those. My little Kodak Instant is not quite up to par. Great idea to do the “Before and After Zoom” thing. Great shots and I can’t wait to see what you get tomorrow.

  8. Wow! I have envy now, too! Great shots!

    • Coming East says:

      Thanks, Darla. My brother has the same camera. I debated waiting until an even bigger zoom came out, but this one seems like it is more than enough. It’s amazing how fast technology changes. I thought when the 15X optical zoom came out, it was wonderful. And remember when cameras with seven megapixels were top of the line?

  9. Patti Ross says:

    Great photo! Fun new toy!

  10. Wow, that’s quite a zoom! 🙂

  11. Beautiful pics! And great new camera — sounds like fun!

  12. Every once in a while we all need a new toy to challenge our creativity move to the next level. Love the tall ships, can’t wait to see tomorrow’s pictures!

    • Coming East says:

      Twelve years ago I went with my friend Linda and saw OpSail 2000 in Portland, Maine. We sat on the hill by the lighthouse and watched all the ships sail by. Wish I’d had this camera then, Carol!

  13. So glad you have some new toys to play with! I know how wonderful they can be! Great shots, have fun and thanks for posting! DAF

  14. Mark says:

    Pretty neat camera… And photographer too!

  15. Lenore Diane says:

    It’s official. I have zoom-lens envy. Congratulations on the new lens! The pictures are great.

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