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My Flirtation With Running

I have never been an athlete, unlike my brother and sister.  While my brother played soccer and ran on the cross country team and my little sister earned belt after belt in judo, I was content to read my books … Continue reading

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Blue

The photo you’ve all been waiting for:  Me in that blue dress I squeezed into for the wedding!

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For Rent: Prime Real Estate

I have always wanted a house with a big front porch.  Big enough to have a porch swing.  Big enough to fit my whole family and then some.  I remember my grandparents in Ohio having a porch like that, and … Continue reading

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Unfocused

I know I’ve posted this picture recently, but it was so perfect for this week’s photo challenge, I had to post it again. I caught this rabbit just as it was in the midst of a jump. Notice how everything … Continue reading

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Relics of the Past

On our wanderings through the Connecticut countryside this weekend, we came across many old stone walls, remnants from our agrarian past when early settlers cleared the land of forests in order to do their planting.  As they cleared more and … Continue reading

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Life in the Slow Lane

Nearly a year ago, I wrote a post entitled “Star Struck” about the difference between city people and country people.  I was reminded of that this weekend while we attended a wedding in the tiny village of Lakeville, Connecticut, in … Continue reading

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Monday Morning Update

I’m driving home to Virginia this morning and thought I’d give you a quick update on my weekend. I can’t manage more than that because it’s difficult to write on my iPad while bouncing along the New Jersey Turnpike at … Continue reading

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