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Quieting My Monkey Mind

I must have just emerged from the Dark Ages because I did not know what chi is.  It was explained to me as the energy of life that flows through all natural things.  A mental image comes to mind of … Continue reading

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Better Than Supermarket Tabloids

We live in a nation of dummies and idiots.  I know this is so because of the plethora of “Dummies” and “Idiots” guides on the bookshelves.  Apparently, we can’t recognize such things as basic emotions or how a guitar works … Continue reading

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A Well-Learned Lesson

Last week I posted a letter I would have liked to have sent to my third-grade teacher, Mrs. Zunker.  We all have teachers we loved and whose memory and lessons were sweetly remembered.  Unfortunately, most of us have also had … Continue reading

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My New Best Friend

Since I retired, the library has become my best friend, figuratively speaking, of course.  Not knowing what to do with my freedom, I headed to the library in hopes that it would entertain me, help me discover hidden talents, and … Continue reading

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