Weekly Photo Challenge: Old

At first, I thought I’d just post several pictures of me, but then I thought these pictures would be more interesting:

Shop In Colonial Williamsburg

Craftsman in Colonial Williamsburg making a scabbard

Look at the size of this old tree in Williamsburg!

Gnarled old tree trunk at Monticello

About Coming East

I am a writer, wife, mother, and grandmother who thinks you're never too old until you're dead. My inspiration is Grandma Moses who became a successful artist in her late 70's. If I don't do something pretty soon, though, I'll have to find someone older for inspiration.
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28 Responses to Weekly Photo Challenge: Old

  1. Love the lighting in the shop! Well-done!

  2. winsomebella says:

    Great pictures of places I’d like to see. Thanks.

    • comingeast says:

      Thanks, Winsomebella. We live on opposite sides of the country, and our landscapes are so different. I would love to see your part of the country some day. As far as this week’s weekly photo challenge, I’m going to pass, but you might want to do it. The topic is mountains. There is no flatter landscape than living by the ocean!

  3. What absolutely wonderful pictures! What kind of camera do you have? I just bought a new one and I’m trying to learn the tricks of the trade but i look at this and see I have a long way to go. Beautiful!

    • comingeast says:

      Thanks so much,Julie, but I think I just have a good eye. I could do so much more with my camera, but I don’t really know how to use it properly. I need to not be afraid to experiment. I have a Nikon D60 digital SLR. Great camera, but the lenses are expensive and I really would like to get a more powerful telephoto and a wide angle. They would be about $400 each, at least, so they are definitely not in the budget.

  4. Julia says:

    I love these pictures — I’ve been to Sturbridge Village but never Williamsburg, so glad for the view! The size of that tree is PHENOMENAL, like the Redwoods only sideways 🙂 For me it would be worth the trip to just see that!

    • comingeast says:

      We used to live about forty minutes away from Sturbridge and had a family membership. We would go quite often. We have great pictures of the oldest two kids there (the youngest wasn’t born until we moved to Philadelphia). If you ever decide to go to Williamsburg, let me know and my husband and I will drive up and meet you for lunch. Wouldn’t that be lovely?

  5. I love the lighting/shadows on the craftsman. Amazing picture! We lived in Maryland for many of my childhood years and we often visited Willliamsburg. It was a wonderful experience.

    Your intro sentence was too funny!

    • comingeast says:

      Thanks, LDC. We live only an hour from Williamsburg and have a membership there, so we hang out there quite often. We don’t always walk into the colonial part. The town itself is very nice and has wonderful restaurants we enjoy. And a Talbots. I think I know where every Talbots on the East Coast is!

  6. Loved these, and would love to see photos of you, too! I’d love to know what type of camera you have. You are a natural photographer, CE!

    • comingeast says:

      Thanks a bunch. I have a Nikon D60, a great digital SLR. It can do so many things and take so many phenomenal pictures when you use the manual mode and figure out the settings yourself. It was my birthday present from my husband for my 60th birthday, and unfortunately, I’ve never learned how to use the manual settings. LOL! That was nearly three years ago, so if I’m going to fiture it out, I don’t know what the heck I’m waiting for! I think maybe I just have a good eye.

  7. Patti Ross says:

    You are so funny about a self-portrait. Your posted selections are great–living history and the glory of trees! What could be better?

  8. oldereyes says:

    Love the trees! It’s funny … when I saw the title, I thought, Oh, I’d just post a few pictures of me. Great (old) minds must think alike.

  9. Amy says:

    Amazingly beautiful! I don’t know if the new extended River Walk in San Antonio was completed before or after you moved. If you haven’t seen it, here are some photos to entertain you.

  10. lindayoga says:

    I love your work it’s stunning…Simply stunning.

  11. Leah says:

    Oh, I love these! I’ve been to Colonial Williamsburg once and loved it. And thanks for all your nice comments on my blog yesterday. I’m honored to be on your blogroll. I’m planing to add you to mine as well (I’m in the process of reorganizing it).

    • comingeast says:

      Why, thanks, Leah! We live just an hour from Williamsburg, so we hang out there quite often. It’s just nice to get out of the city for a little while. Sometimes we plan an overnight there as an escape. They have a wonderful Farmer’s Market there on Saturday mornings in the summer.

  12. Lovely. Each one made me smile. Thanks for that!

  13. Jenny says:

    These pictures are incredible. I especially love the old tress!

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