Sometimes It’s Better To Be Late

When I was growing up, my mother would say to me, “You’re always late except to dinner.” I corrected my errant ways, and now I’m almost always early.  I never thought that would be a problem, but sometimes it seems that way.  For instance, after thirteen years of driving my big blue station wagon around, I finally bought myself a new car.  A month after I bought it, the next model came out with a jack for an iPod or other mp3 player.  Since my car doesn’t have one, whenever we take that twelve-hour drive up to Boston, I have to take a stack of CD’s to play on my single-disk CD player.  How old-fashioned.

When we moved here we bought a new TV and blue-ray DVD player.  Less than a month later, the new blue-ray players had streaming capabilities.  Ours doesn’t.  And the Bose speakers we bought?  The next model had an adjustable bass.  Ours doesn’t.  You know where I’m going with this, don’t you?  Yep, my new iPad, the one I got as a Christmas present, the one I’ve been lusting after since the ipad was first introduced, is being upstaged by the third generation iPad just being launched.  Ah, technology.  Gotta love it.  Gotta hate it.

About Coming East

I am a writer, wife, mother, and grandmother who thinks you're never too old until you're dead. My inspiration is Grandma Moses who became a successful artist in her late 70's. If I don't do something pretty soon, though, I'll have to find someone older for inspiration.
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40 Responses to Sometimes It’s Better To Be Late

  1. Val says:

    They’re always doing that, upgrading or updating something just that little bit too late for one to get it. I know the feeling…

    • Coming East says:

      Hey, Val, so nice to see your smiling face! The consumer will always be behind when it comes to technology, but it’s exciting to see the new gadgets on the market and the ideas they have for new ones.

  2. It’s so hard to catch up, but you are certainly not alone. I also wish Santa had waited to get us the iPad, guess he didn’t have the foresight!

    • Coming East says:

      Do yogurt mean you have the iPad2, Shanghai? The more I’ve read about the newest iPad, the more I don’t care so much that I didn’t wait. It’s not that different. You know that the one that comes after this newest release, the one we’ll probably need to replace the knew we own now, will be even more spectacular.

      • Yep, we got the iPad2 for Christmas. I also read they are not that different. Maybe we should skip this one and go for the next one. That sounds like a good move.

      • Coming East says:

        Don’t you just love it, Shanghai? I can’t imagine being without it now. Do you think FaceTime would work for you and me being so far apart?

  3. Leah says:

    Good for you. I’m thinking of finally giving in and getting an iPad. Maybe.

  4. judithhb says:

    Hi Susan – there seems to be no way we can keep up with all the rapid changes in technology. My children both take after their late father and are gadget freaks, so they always have the latest while mother just poddles along with her now (and rapidy) out of date techno things.

  5. pattisj says:

    That is so true. We’re always behind on “the latest technology.” I think they like to keep it that way.

  6. Very true. I gave up trying to keep up, and I’m a bit younger. My car only has a single-disc CD player, I have an iPod Nano that doesn’t do video, I don’t have an iAnything Else at all… and my cell phone is of merely average intelligence. It does have a qwerty keyboard, though, and a touch screen on the front. Part of me doesn’t want to get a new phone because I know it’ll probably have to be a smartphone that will be upstaged the next week, like your dilemma!

    • Coming East says:

      My old iPod doesn’t have video or a radio either, Eye, and I also have a phone of average intelligence with a qwerty keyboard so I can text my granddaughter. I don’t go to many places all by myself anymore, so I don’t think I need a smart phone because my husband has one and were usually together when I leave the house.

  7. The marketing new updates work for those who are compelled instantly to buy the latest model, whereas the rest of us wait another ten years and get it all in one go! But there’s always something new, apparently better, a week later. Always will be. 🙂

  8. Al says:

    Absolutely on the mark, Susan. Technology has given a whole new meaning to “keeping up with the Joneses.” Except now it’s ourselves we’re trying to keep up with. In fact, while I was typing this comment, I got a pop-up that said “this computer is now obsolete.”

    • Coming East says:

      LOL, Al. The rapidity of the updates is astonishing. It’s exciting to see what they come up with. When we were kids, this was the stuff of our sci-fi movies. I won’t be surprised if one day Scottie will really be able to beam us up.

  9. So sorry about your ipad. I have generally chosen to be a dinosaur ~ I am minus the disappointment but also the conveniences of life in the 21st century! Susan, I have you and Georgette both beat. I am driving a Subaru Legacy with 126,000 with plans for it to last as long as I do (because that’s what dinosaurs do).

    • Coming East says:

      Wow, that speaks well of Subaru, Carol! I’m trying to convince my husband to take a look at the Forester when his little Marriner SUV needs replacing in a year, but I think he feels they are a little too expensive.

  10. The new iPad is just has more pixels. Our over-forty eyes can’t detect that anyways. Now the iPod jack, that’s a tragedy.

    • Pleases forgive my lack of editing. I am working on a piece about the surprising changes age imparted on my feet. I’ve come to terms with a lot of sagging and wrinkling, but my feet, too?

    • Coming East says:

      Oh, good info, Adela. See, I feel better already. I’ll wait for the iPad 4.

      • I have a son who’s an IT professional and loves all the latest gizmos. He is getting the same version of the iPad you have, the new one isn’t worth it. As for me, I’m waiting for a lighter version. I know it’s coming. I just know it.

      • Coming East says:

        Lighter, Adela! This is so much lighter than my MacBook that it feels light to me. I think my Nook Color might even be heavier. But I’m sure they will make it even sleeker and lighter in the future. In a few years, when this one needs replacing, I can’t imagine what the newest version of iPad will hold.

  11. E.C. says:

    Oh my gosh! Bless your heart, it sounds like you have luck such as we do. It’s so curious how it all works out sometimes. 🙂

  12. Face it, where technology is concerned there will always be the “latest and greatest” always upgrading. Sigh! I have a light blue Passat station wagon. Just turned 100,000 miles on Wednesday. Yes, I pulled over to the side of the road to take a picture of the odometer with my phone. Now how do I download it? Rick! Help!

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