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Coming Down Off the Mountain

There are Sea People and there are Mountain People, and I have always loved the sea. But I have to admit, my foray into the realm of the Mountain People was quite enjoyable. There is a peace and beauty in … Continue reading

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Relics of the Past

On our wanderings through the Connecticut countryside this weekend, we came across many old stone walls, remnants from our agrarian past when early settlers cleared the land of forests in order to do their planting.  As they cleared more and … Continue reading

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Life in the Slow Lane

Nearly a year ago, I wrote a post entitled “Star Struck” about the difference between city people and country people.  I was reminded of that this weekend while we attended a wedding in the tiny village of Lakeville, Connecticut, in … Continue reading

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Our Fabulous Weekend Getaway

I don’t know whatever possessed us to get married in February in Connecticut. Every time our anniversary rolls around, it’s too darn cold to do anything close by and too expensive to get far enough away to escape the cold. … Continue reading

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Planes, Trains, and Automobiles

Some years ago, when my oldest granddaughter was about six, I had the pleasure of taking her on her first train ride.  It lasted a little over an hour, traveling from Fairfield, Connecticut, into Grand Central Station in Manhattan.  As … Continue reading

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