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Life Has a Way of Repeating Itself

My daughter, Emily Okaty Wilson, has a blog on WordPress entitled My Pajama Days. Many of her posts are about the joys of being a parent, but she also writes about the trials and tribulations parenting brings. My oldest granddaughter, … Continue reading

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It Keeps On Getting Better

I read somewhere that when people have loved each other for a very long time, love doesn’t get old. It gets better. Today my husband, George, and I have been married forty-one years, and I can attest to the truth … Continue reading

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Controlling Your Fate

Last week, when my little four-year-old friend, N. came for her weekly visit, she forgot to bring the memory game we were going to play, so I improvised. I took an old cookie sheet and put ten items on it: … Continue reading

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A Community of Believers

The last time I had my annual physical, my doctor asked me what I was doing to keep my mind busy.  “I write a blog,” I told him.  “That’s good,” he replied.  “Do you do any kind of puzzles?” he … Continue reading

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